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Ervin Dhimo Photography (c) 2016

To date, nearly all of our clients are from referrals.  We like it that way.  So will you.

Impono is a friendly, vibrant, inspirational place for those who usually can't afford or may not have the network to employ guaranteed effective worker-consultants who have "been there, done that." 


Our primary expertise and passion follows the bioscience pathways, but we have a keen focus on Women Owned Businesses as well as STEAM-focused organizations.


We invite you to learn more about our "worker-consultants" and our founder to get a deeper sense of Impono and the pride we feel when we enable our clients to succeed.

You will find our style flexible as we adhere to your objective(s).  Our experience enables us to conduct an expansive intake session with you to properly scope your requirements and consider various options based on your needs.  We may even recommend a partner organization as a better fit for your needs if that is what is best for your success.

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