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"We are here to help you."  You will hear that a lot from Impono.  It is what drives us and we have built a reputation on that phrase.  Let's start with a conversation, either face-to-face, phone, or video conference.  If we aren't the right match for your needs, we probably know who is.

Visit our LinkedIn account to connect and contact us.

Privacy and Security:

We take your privacy very seriously.  Impono does not collect any data from this site.  For those interested in contacting us, we recommend you do so via LinkedIn. 

As such, we do not register any visitors, nor do we prompt or manage any transactions via our site.  We do not run analytics on our site.  We do not have the need to maintain a "mailing list" as we do not issue electronic marketing artifacts such as newsletters or direct solicitations.  

Further, this site is a business-related site that offers general information about our Company.

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