Ervin Dhimo Photography (c) 2016

What We Do...

We offer seminars, talks and writings for the general public around the world so that science, and biotechnology as a culmination of various sciences, becomes better understood and more accessible to everyone.  


For our industry, we offer accelerated Science and Biotech Business courses for those seeking to better understand the holistic view of a science-based business, consider different roles they are qualified for, deepen their impact, and further their own careers.

We also offer our entrepreneurial and scientific business expertise to start-ups, small businesses, STEAM-Edu organizations and public health initiatives to promote more equal and equitable funding and growth in these historically non-diverse sectors.  (we’ve been there ourselves)

AND we spend time building and refreshing our skills, teaching at colleges and universities, publishing best practices, supporting community STEM programs, and volunteering or advising on global nonprofits Boards.  (it's important that we walk our talk)


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