Christa Dhimo
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Impono LLC
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With over 25 years developing and executing strategies for start-ups, re-starts, and growth, with over a decade of doing just that in the bioscience sector, Christa now spends her time giving back, providing a bare-essentials approach to consulting for organizations that may not have the budget for "consultants." 

Impono LLC is her fourth ownership venture in 20 years, with a mission to support the success of very early-stage biotechs, Women Business Enterprise / STEAM start-ups and small businesses (for-profit and non-profit) with her Impono community's expert hands-on experience right beside her.  Aside from her own start-up and small business experience, she shares and applies her learnings from a career of purposeful rotations across various functions as a traditional full-time employee at different-sized companies, with the last 10+ years in Senior Leadership and Executive roles.  She also spends time advising and coaching executives and Boards, and serving as Program Developer and Lead Facilitator for Northeastern University's Rising Leaders Workshop.


Primary: Biotech / Pharma * Management Consulting * Higher Education 

Secondary: Aerospace & Defense * Financial Services * High Tech 

Ownership Structures:

* Private * Public * Private Equity * Venture Capital * Non-Profit Private * Non-Profit Foundation

Christa's Impono Scope:

* Founder of and Lead Advocate Consultant for Impono, working alongside 6-10 Impono Associates 

* Chief Advisor for all-tenure Leaders, Early Stage Start-Ups and Small Business Growth

* Interim CBO, COO or co-CEO for Start-Ups and Small Business Turn-Arounds 

* Board of Directors Member and Advisor

Christa's affiliations with Northeastern University, Ranked #40 in 2020 Edition for National Universities, USN&WR

* Professor of the Practice for the College of Science in the Masters of Science in Biotechnology , Lead Faculty for the Biotech Enterprise Concentration

* Strategy Advisor and Faculty Affiliate for Northeastern University's Corporate Learning

* Adjunct Professor for the College of Professional Studies in the Masters of Program and Portfolio Management

* Domestic Consulting Project Mentor and Sponsor for the D'More-McKim Business School 

* Distinguished Speaker for The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program

* Sponsor, Impono: Northeastern's Experiential (XN) Network  

* Strategic Advisor, Impono: Northeastern's Biopharmaceutical Analysis Lab (BATL), and 1:1 Strategy Advisor for BATL's Director 

For more details on her background and impact, please view her profile and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Impono: verb, 3rd conjugation



1) to place in command

2) to establish

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