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Christa Dhimo
Founder & Lead Consultant
Impono LLC
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Dr. Christa Dhimo serves as the Strategy Advisor and Seminar Lead for Life Sciences and Healthcare at Impono.  As the Founder, she is also the face of the LLC, which she designed as a network and mosaic of diverse independent consultants with shared values and similar passion for demystifying biotechnology for global public good.  

As a sought-after speaker and advisor with nearly 30 years’ experience as a Strategy-Execution (StratEx) professional, Christa leads start-up and growth programs ranging from establishing and re-establishing organizational performance to setting or restaging investment strategies; and from upskilling and coaching leaders to support various reset initiatives to improving existing operational quality and alignment.  With a career in global, complex, and highly regulated industries, she places unique emphasis on business models that integrate people and efficient talent management with the Sales, Operations, Financial side of business. Her industry expertise ranges from Aerospace and Defense to Financial Management, from HR Outsourcing and SaaS to Biotechnology (medical and agricultural) and Pharmaceuticals.

Given her background, she was asked to lead a vital part of Northeastern University's Fall 2020 re-opening plan during the pandemic.  She conceived the design and execution plan, then led a multi-discipline / multi-functional team for the implementation and leadership hand-off of Northeastern's COVID-19 Cabot Testing Center, Huntington Testing Center, and Bouvé Burlington Testing Center.  With her work as a COVID-19 Testing Expert, she also co-led the stand-up of Northeastern's Life Sciences Testing Center (CLIA-Certified / CAP-Certified Lab).  Her efficient, patient-focused testing design was used in various other educational institutes (public and private) and professional settings.

Her most recent work brought her into higher education where she leads the Real World Healthcare Navigator, a Northeastern University Impact (start-up) Engine that aims to improve global patient outcomes worldwide through the share of real-world and observational health data.

As a lifelong learner, Christa earned her Bachelor's in Writing from the University of Massachusetts, a Master’s in Business Administration from Northeastern University, a Master’s of Science in Management with a concentration in Informatics from the University of Dallas, and her Doctorate in Business Administration from Drexel University.  She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with PMI and is a Master Certified Strategic Organizational Leader from Villanova University.


Christa proudly continues her applied doctoral research as part of Impono's efforts and in partnership with Lauren D’Innocenzo, Ph.D. and Associate Professor at Drexel University, where their work focuses on factors affecting organizational behavior and performance; specifically, employee voice in highly regulated industries, consequences of employee stress in such industries, and the impact of voice behavior within crisis management teams.

For more details on her background and impact, please view her profile and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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