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Ervin Dhimo Photography (c) 2016

We serve our clients with experience as clients. 


Our reputation is built on achievements from creating, contributing to and executing business strategies in a very unique "essentials-only" way.  We've done a lot of this work as full-time employees and leaders in various industries within different ownership structures. 


We aren't consultants.  We are worker-consultants.  We are fierce advocates.  We do what's right, and we feel good about doing good for our clients.

We are unencumbered by up-selling and cross-selling our services that fuel other consultancies in our space.

We share a passion for the success of others.

Biosciences, Small Businesses, STEAM- Ed focused organizations: they each have their own specific challenges, of which we are intimately aware.  

Our credentials range from the usual PhD's, DrBA's, MBA's and PMP's to various Masters in Management, to Certificates in Organizational Strategy as well as Human Capital Planning, Strategic Management and Growth. 

Expertise is primarily in the life sciences, but don't let that fool you.  Our founder and at least 3 consultants have proudly worked in various other industries, too.

We know the pressures, the frustrations, the pride and the feeling of accomplishment from being involved in the whole, not just a part of the whole.  Now we want to add value to those who may not be able to afford, or may not have the network to employ, consultants who have "been-there, done-that.

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