Our Vision is a more equitable and equal world through biotechnology.

Our Mission is to Demystify Biotechnology and Strengthen Biotech Companies for Global Good. 


Everyone everywhere should be able to know about, easily understand, and talk about biotechnology and the business of biotech.  This in turn supports increased interest in more diverse biotech discovery labs, and enables more visibility for and discussion on how biotechnology can solve global issues. 

Pairing scientific and business knowledge in biotech also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of start-up and existing biotech companies prior to and after launching their products.

We are a diverse team of professionals who have a deep love and passion for science (and biotechnology especially), health care policy, and global equity.


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Impono: verb, 3rd conjugation



1) to place in command

2) to establish

Building, launching and transforming an organization isn't simple, but it can be easier with the right advisors.  

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