Sure, we could describe our expertise and services, but we'd like to do more: give you three briefs from our cache of results.

As holistic business experts, it's often easier to show than tell.  We don't usually fit into a traditional org chart, and we hear this all the time:

  • "Oh, you're Sales and Marketing?" (well, yes, but not entirely) 

  • "Ah!  I get it, you're the Operations-type."  (sure, but that's because we love how businesses work) 

  • "Finance must love you-- you should work with our Finance Team."  (we love Finance-- and all other functions too)

  • "You must be in HR then?"  (in a way-- the people side of what we do is at the heart of our strategy) 

But when people work with us, they instantly understand our passion for a thriving organizational system.   We'll even take on interim C-level and Executive Roles when needed to strengthen the foundations or reset activities of our clients.

We spent a lot of career time purposefully rotating across various functions in order to truly know the pain and glory of Sales and Marketing, Operations, HR, Finance, IT and many other functions.  We value all of them.​ 

After all, we love organizations-- every part and the whole.  Contact us.  Let's see what we can do for you.

Example 1: Simultaneous Start-Up Launch & Product Launch (Venture Capital)

Remit: Accelerate the launch of a start-up business while also accelerating the launch of a first product 

The Context:

Start-up received priority review for new diagnostic agent, accelerating launch by 2ce the original plan.  The business required an expedited start-up process to promote agility and efficiency, an adjusted forecast within weeks of drug approval, an accelerated management/sales/medical affairs staffing plan, and a revised strategy-check calendar to assure the accelerated launch performed optimally given its launch during an industry-recognized "slow season."  The assignment also required someone with multi-functional experience to step into various management team roles on a short-term basis while the start-up staffed-up.

This company in Case #1 is backed by a publicly traded venture capital organization; although no client names are disclosed in these cases, the details listed below are written so as to preserve appropriate disclosures.  This case will be updated accordingly when more details are made public. 

The Impono Design, Post In-Take:

  • Evaluate existing strategy; create an integrated execution plan for efficient use of small start-up team

  • Clarify execution tactics to assure critical focus; parallel tactics with additional business needs

  • Assume various interim management team roles during 1st year as team assembles

  • Implement and scale critical business operations during accelerated growth

  • Hire or assist the hire of at least 50% of management team through network of highly-regarded talent 

Impono's Primary Activities & Results:

  • Accelerated business and product launches by re-designing the existing silo’d launch plan into an integrated model with efficient, parallel activities while assisting with company staff-up and providing the setup of critical business infrastructure

  • Established and drove regular StratEx checks to continually strengthen the launch plan: prompted adjustment in targets 6 weeks after production started, leading to improved patient access / ordering in parallel with CMS coverage decisions

  • Specific start-up interim leadership roles, activities and results

  1. Assumed multiple Management Team roles throughout first 12 months until team was staffed: strategy and execution of early-stage Drug Reimbursement strategy, drafted early and critical Compliance documents, owned all Commercial Analytics and weekly reporting until Analytics Team was funded and hired

  2. Created and managed initial Analytics Structures: dosing database, performance analytics, multiple standard and ad-hoc reports (weekly, monthly, ad-hoc; adjusted each month)

  3. Provided Customer and Dosing Expertise for business modeling and forecasts; led completion of Working Capital forecast leveraged for future forecasts, production plans and next stage funding

  4. Owned all Collaborative Management Relationships with key vendor partners to nurture healthy relationships and mutual value; resolved conflicts, facilitated effective communications, assured inclusive and transparent culture; created bridges to effectively transfer all relationships to permanent owners after management team was hired and prepared for a successful transition

  • Established and owned G&A to scale and improve operative quality: Operational Strategy & Planning, Budget & Performance Processes, Functional Maturation and Integration (monitored HR/Payroll; setup and monitored Business Compliance, IT and Procurement); created bridges to effectively transfer all functionality to permanent owners after key G&A resources were hired and prepared for a successful transition

Example 2: Small-/Mid-Sized Business Transformation (Private Equity)

Remit: Strengthen Performance and Culture; Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

The Context:

Private Equity spin-out.  Large 50+ year mature full-service (R&D to Manufacturing) organization with history of multiple M&A transactions and ownership structures over a 25 year span. 

The spin-out transitioned from being a business unit within a large global business to being a small start-up of its own (Impono calls this a "restart") in need of sales and operational transformation.  Critical to the success was improved integration, preservation of the collegial and collaborative culture, continued organizational compliance, and retention of highly valued talent and their niche technical skills. 

The Impono Design, Post In-Take:

  • Create and improve alignment, accountability, performance

  • Set forecast predictability, customer satisfaction, sufficient supply capacity and controlled CoGS

  • Enable decisions and growth based on qualitative and quantitative data points

  • Allocate efficient use of shared resources

  • Jumpstart and create a sustaining Continuous Improvement culture

Impono's Primary Activities & Results:

Implemented a global Strategy Execution discipline ("StratEx") mimicking start-up activities to create new or improve existing infrastructure while aligning commercial and operational activities with business planning and overall performance.  Samples:

  • Executed Sales & Operational Planning cycle resulting in performance improvement

  • Designed/Led Efficiencies Program with emphasis on Continuous Improvement: +60% adj EBITDA + Gross Margin expansion 

  • Implemented 40+ operational enhancements, achieved $1.4MM annual savings; de-risked and modernized operational and compliance elements, within initial budget and schedule

  • Strengthened culture by creating grass-roots "Lean" initiatives, empowerment, recognition and rewards systems

Example 3: Non-Profit Clarity & Reset (Private Foundation)

Remit: Drive Decision-Making, Assess and Commit Priorities and Resources


The Context:

Family-founded, well-connected, 20-year mature non-profit looking to modernize processes and reset tactics in order to create new fundraising techniques and revenue streams. 

President of non-profit requested for a revised strategy and improved tools to track progress. 

The plan included a Vision / Mission exercise with a new Board, a planning block exercise to list out various concerns and priorities, and a change management readiness assessment to determine the appetite and commitment for full change as requested vs incremental change. 

The Impono Design, Post In-Take:

  • Improve ideas-vetting and initiatives completion

  • Clarify Vision, Mission and Values

  • Revise culture to organize around priorities; strengthen directional commitment 

  • Encourage brass-tacks, "get it done" dialogue

  • Shift discussions from discussions to action plans

Impono's Primary Activities & Results:

In six months, working just a few hours each month:

  • Issued new Vision and Mission statements

  • Holistically reviewed concerns and priorities as part of change readiness; reprioritized tactics

  • Solidified a constructive "challenge-culture" for assuring straight-talk discussions and committed decisions

  • Completed change readiness assessment; prompted clear decision and agreement on tactics and staffing plan

  • Eliminated tactics that were out of scope based on change readiness outcomes

Impono: verb, 3rd conjugation



1) to place in command

2) to establish

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